how to tell my cto that bug i was after last two days was actually his fuck up?

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    - Do you remember that bug I was after for the past two days?
    - Yes. What's up with that?
    - Well, it was your fault because you fucked up. But I saved your ass and fixed it.

    Walk away slowly... 😎
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    Guy Kawasaki once said, “on C-Level you need to hire better then yourself“ you are great in doing this!
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    thanks guys... i opted for a sincire commit message sans profanities
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    My goal is to start a software development firm after I'm out of school.

    One thing: If I fuck something up, don't be afraid to tell me. I don't want to be oblivious. Also, explain to me why what I did was so fucking terrible and how you fixed it, and any pointers for how to avoid causing problems in the future.

    I'm never going to be Chief Lord Master Programmer. It's just not in the cards for me, much as I enjoy programming. That said, I've come to terms with this and decided it would be best to learn from others.

    I hope your CTO has this mindset. If he doesn't, that might mean he has no desire to be humble about his mistakes, admitting them, and learning from them. That's a bad CTO who needs shown the door.

    If he does want to learn, fucking teach him. I know there are some of you who hate the prospect of a management position having to be taught by the underdogs shit they should already know, but truth be told management is always far from fucking competent and I have a feeling most of you know this already.

    I didn't start out wanting to own a business. I started out wanting to know how to program. I wanted to be a programmer, then saw the fucked up management of others and began looking for the door...

    Try to be an adult. Berating someone instead of helping them learn from their mistakes is a dick move, not to mention counterproductive.

    Yes, there are some jackass developers who could've simply explained shit. Instead they chose to be arrogant and shittalk. What does that solve?
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