heading to my first job interview, omg I'll die

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    Good luck buddy !
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    Try to stay calm, nothing wrong with asking to think about your answer, make a few notes on the company. Good luck!
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    man it was practically all a practical test. apparently, a friend of mine had already sold me to them, so not many questions to me 😀

    just had to make some simple front/back end plus bd and I'm on next stage.

    it's nice cuz now I'm more relaxed among the current staff.

    coming back tomorrow
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    Say the word "senior" a lot. Mention blockchains. You're gonna ace this
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    @stisch yeah, like:
    — senior?... senior, no, I'm no senior. like, senior senior, you know, senior I'm not, no senior, but I know about blockchain
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    oh yeah, got it. maybe now I'll have more interesting things to rant 😂
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    @g-m-f thanks man! :D
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