What the fuck is this?
I'm so confused...
Where is the Netflix app? Is this real life?
Please help me.

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    @rishabhverma no, i had it previously but uninstalled it
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    @rishabhverma yeah, I'm just lazy... Gonna wait for the planets to align and it come back from the shadows
    But thanks 😂
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    Netflix isn't avaible in your contry
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    Your phone is probably rooted. Happen to me as well when i had to reflash the firmware on my phone.
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    Netflix hides if you're rooted.
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    If your phone doesn't meet safetynet verification it won't show up (rooting etc) try searching for android pay as well
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    Can't find it too :/ maybe cause I have a Xiaomi from China
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    If it doesn't load, you can't install it.
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    so whats the point now? is her phone rooted or smth else, that she can't find it?
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    hmmm im able to see Netflix
    location : Germany, unrooted
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    Try switching countries
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    @ThatBoringGuy S7 with Nougat
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    Netflix would disappear on my rooted Nexus 5. It would fail the SafetyNet check. Might be that.

    Check Magisk if you want to fool the checks.
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    @ThatBoringGuy moto X 2014 with CyanogemMod

    The thing is: It worked last month. :)
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    What about using a different Play Store Interface like Yalp?
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    Or stop using Netflix altogether and build a Plex/Emby server so you're not constrained by evil corporate practice that want to dictate what you should watch.
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    The APK should be available to sideload from somewhere like apkmirror
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