I'm a junior dev less than 1 year into my first job out of college. I'm halfway done reading Clean Code (my first software book out of college) and I'm really enjoying it!

What should I read next? I was thinking something about design patterns. Should I go for the classic GoF book or continue with Robert C Martin and read "Agile Software Development, Principles, Patterns, and Practices"?

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    The Gang of Four "Design Patterns" book is a must read, in my opinion. I wish I had read it sooner.
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    The Pragmatic Programmer - Wikipedia

    from the inventor of ruber duck debugging
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    I'm in the same boat. I shall also take on these books.
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    Another vote for "pragmatic programmer". It's the book I wish I had read earlier in my career. I'm wouldn't have understood it all but it would have made some things a bit easier. I still go back to it now and again.

    "Code complete 2" is kinda, sorta similar but more code related.

    "How to make friends and influence people", because the job is more about communication with people than with computers.

    If you're ever doing JavaScript work then "JavaScript the good parts" and "eloquent JavaScript"

    I've heard good things about "don't make me think: the design of everyday things" but haven't read it myself.

    And confession time; I never understood the original GoF design pattern book. I finally wrapped my brain around patterns when I read "head first design patterns". It's more pedagogical and less academic. It does gloss over some deeper aspects, but I'd recommend it over the GoF book when you're getting started
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    @DasKoder Thanks so much for the multiple recommendations! I've heard that the GoF book is too formal for some elsewhere as well
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    As DasKoder suggested get "Dale Carneggie's - How to make Friends and influence people"
    For me as a shy person it's one of the most usefull book. 👍
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    Clean Coder

    Edit: not design patterns book but also from bob and if you are starting your way in cs career I really recommend this book.
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    I started with GoF during my bachelor's degree. It was one of the best courses that I took, but now that I look back on it, I think I'd rather would've read Uncle Bob's work before GoF. I'm taking the Clean Coders Video course now. I would recommend it!

    I'm also planning on reading:
    1. Martin Fowler - Refactoring
    2. Michael Feathers - Working effectively with legacy code
    3. Beck, Kent (1999). XP Explained

    Not sure about the order though.
    Maybe I'll switch between them and read them all at once :)
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    @pieteckhart Since this post I have read Clean Code and The Mythical Man-Month. Working on GoF now. Very glad I have read these books so far.
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