Your code quality is pajeet tier.

You consistently make poor design and architectural choices.

Your project has maintained 50 plus unresolved bugs for about 6 months, and yet you're consistently under delivering against what you commit to.

Other developers refuse to work with you.

So tell me again how you feel you're an effective lead developer

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    Where does the "pajeet tier" sit on a 1 - 10 scale?
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    @freakko Indian. Indians have a reputation for bad code in the freelance world
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    As low as possible.
    It's a well earned reputation too.

    Worth noting that's it's not a reputation that I'd associate with Indian programmers working in the West (quite the opposite is true there), and it's not a reputation that's exclusive to Indian programmers either - my company outsourced a project to a UK company, and it's some of the worst results I've ever seen.
    Although we do suspect that they're subcontracting the work to Indian freelancers...

    TL:DR - "pajeet tier" is synonymous with "exceptionally poor quality"
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    @xPunxNotDeadx in my experience its almost exclusively limited to Indian devs. You have better luck if you find good Indians
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    @windlessuser yeah - I was trying to diplomatic!
    I'm sure there's some Indian devs out there that aren't awful - somewhere...
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