I had no idea 'white male conservatives' could be discriminated against.



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    Well he probably did feel discriminated since he was not recognized as the superior being he believes he is ;)

    Lets just hope he gets a female judge :P
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    Hopefully this case doesn't go south 😐 @Voxera
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    You really had no idea? I see it every day :D and before I get pitch forked hear me out:

    I am Mexican, male and in my late 20's. So no, not the white conservative kind. But around the U.S if you opose anything that is not in accordance to the liberal side of things you DO get attacked. Being white, male...and conservative is damn near a crime in the u.s.

    My issue with the memo? Not everything had citations and some of the things that did were opinionated.
    My other issue, if a woman had written this she would have gotten a "you go gurrl"
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    @AleCx04 You go gurrl!!
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    @vortexman100 here in the U.S? No, not really man :/ i wish it were. I have seen the hypocrisy face to face related to this sort of thing, where if a man does something he gets lynched and the same treatmen is not given to women.
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    @saintograph and look at me go guuurrl :p
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    @AleCx04 claiming that on specified group of humans is biologically better suited for a technical work than an other group and getting fired for it is not discrimination.

    Has he claimed that he personally was better suited that would have been another thing called hubris but his claims if not acted against could damage the company making cooperation and recruitment harder.

    And when you openly express opinions that are damaging to the company you work for you will get into trouble and if those opinions also happen to be illegal (they are in some countries) or very unpopular in public you cannot count on outside support.

    His remarks was discriminating towards women at large.
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    You can fucking discriminate every kind of people.

    And you can be racist against whites too.

    I fucking hate my generation
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    It's not discrimination because he was not fired for being a white, male, conservative and the things that represents that group. He was fired for what @Voxera said. @teganburns
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    His article is pretty unfounded too. I don't like that he was fired, but google couldn't really do anything else in this position. Pc-ness is silly.
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    @teganburns why?
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    @Voxera it might be hard to see it. But he explicitly metioned that he is not requesting Google to be restricted to gender roles.

    I keep reading this document trying to find him saying that men are better at tech than women or something like that, but I cannot find it really.

    And it is discrimination when we really know that if a female would have made this article/memo..shit there are millions out there....then nothing would've happened.
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    @Voxera like I really am not saying the claims that a group is biologically better at one thing over the other. He if anythinf mentioned that there were different ways to reach an audience by underatanding the differences rather than forcing adoption.
    The only people saying this is the left article writers :/ or the people that want to see that refflected on his words.

    Just to point out, i am not saying that you are wrong, i might be wrong and could not find said parts of the article and misunderstood them. I am open to a change of heart if shown. Just friendly convo, not debating or anything.
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    @Linux same. Our generation seems fixated on creating these sort of issues.
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    @vortexman100 he did gave proof albeit is the one that I originally mentioned to be unsubstantiated. And even for the things he said they were not sexist nor putting females down. Unless you can quote something explicitly.
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    @AleCx04 I see this part a bit down to in the article

    “The crux of Damore’s memo was that Google’s diversity efforts are misplaced, that women may be biologically less suited to engineering and programming jobs in the tech industry, “

    If this has any truth in it he did point out women.

    If its not true then its another matter.
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    @Voxera wait...did you read the actual memo or are you going by what the article is saying? Because I am not seeing anything in the memo that states that.
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    @AleCx04 ok now I have read the memo and while its a bit more careful in its wording he is still expressing what amounts to what I cited. And while he might not intend to be disrespectful his wording and the fact that it was spread wide means that it can cause damage any how.

    He hint towards many different programs but only goes into detail regarding women and returns to this multiple times repeating the “fact” about biological differences.

    I would compare this to throwing a fire cracker into a hornets nest and I believe that is why he was fired, for causing unrest.

    “I’m simply stating that the distribution of preferences and abilities of men and women differ in part due to biological causes and that these differences may explain why we don’t see equal representation of women in tech and leadership.”
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    @Voxera ok, so you did not read the article in the first place.
    Now, exactly how is that part sexist, or close minded or in any way making him sound as someone that considers himself superior as a male over women exactly when he was explicitely pointing out before that Google was not reaching out to women in the right way.

    He expressed that he was not against diversity, but that he was against the way Google was addressing women.

    That there are psychological and biological differences between men and women you cannot deny, regardless of citation or not (which he did provided for that, not that it is needed....a man IS biologically different from a woman).

    Now, and I am terribly sorry. But you did believe that the man was in the wrong without even reading the memo from the get go. Are you sure that you are not trying to see what you want to see based on your initial reaponse?
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    @AleCx04 I have reread the memo and I still feel that the overall tone is an opinion against women in tech.

    It might not have been his intention but its the feeling I get from reading it.

    He mixes proven science with opinions, almost always use “we” to indicate some unnamed support that this is not only his opinion but many’s.

    He openly criticize Google and the policies they have.

    And openly criticizing a company you work for is often reason enough to be fired.

    He lists a lot more negative “facts” about women than of men among them “less stress tolerant” which is interesting as to work in preschool or hospitals are extremely stressfully and we still have lots of women there :D

    So he mixes facts with believes trying to prove a point and in the end that makes me question his motives.

    He might be sincere but the memo is then in my opinion flawed.
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    @Voxera i don't buy it. The only thing it took for this to go overboard was for someone to give it that interpretation. It works like this:

    "We believe you are saying that women are inferior to men for tech"

    "That is not what I said at all"

    "That is what we got"

    Fired. And he was not publicly criticizing Google. The memo was leaked and it spiraled out of control over people wanting to get their feeling hurt.
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