I just double tapped a post in Twitter. I feel a little bit dumb.

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    That's nothing to feel dumb about. You just optimized your social media workflow towards a specific network.
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    Why do people double tap posts? I use the ++ button, never had to double tap. :/
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    No you're not.
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    Even though I never use it, I think it should be common sense that double-tap means upvote
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    I feel like you're indirectly referring to me. If so, I already know what double tapping means. I merely asked *why* would people double tap when they can tap the button?
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    Feel proud.
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    @Michelle because for me personally, it's better to tap a bigger box twice, than a tiny box once.
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    yes I read your comment and I feel the same way. I meant to say that every app should have a double-tap feature.
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    Happens to me so often on different sites 😅 This is such a great shortcut, every site should adopt this!
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    Only after reading this post I came to know that double tap is a thing here.
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    TIL. Doubletap ++ for you!
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