Dear designer, if you're generating assets please make sure you're naming them right. And oh, get rid of that .DS_Store thing please.

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    body {
    background: url("file:///C:\Users\dumbass\super $3cret Websight/assets/backgrowned image big.gif");

    ...what do you mean there's no images on my site? It loads fine for me!!
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    I get files like:


    totally pisses me off...

    i just do ll -t and blindly pick the first one lol.
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    If we just get those designers to use version control..
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    .ds-store is the folder index file on a mac.
    you cant get rid of that file on a mac so just ignore it.
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    @cava yeah but which one?
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    @heyheni deleting it prior to exchanging the files (he probably copied s folder) is possible
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    @heyheni It really doesnt matter. Git if you use github to store those files. Bitbucket works with mercurial too. Many years ago I used bazaar as you could serve the repo via ssh without running any daemon on the host machine.
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    @cahva I agree with you. VCS would be great with that. Though it doesn't solve file naming and correctness of the content. :\
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    @paradoxcoder sort by timestamps brah
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