Spent like 5 hours today installing, configuring, and playing with phpstorm. first time I've used a real ide type program and wow, I replaced 5 programs with this I would use at the same time.

filezilla (ftp), rapidphp (code), mysql workbench, cmd prompt (node, gulp, sass), and source tree (git)

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    I do web, self employed so money counts. Coda by panic does all those things and doesn't cost you every year.
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    Fun stuff - right?
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    coda looks pretty cool but seems like it's mac only, I'm a windows dev. macs are great for designers but I'll never switch to mac being a dev. also I didn't see any mysql tools in coda. one of my favorite parts of phpstorm is I can write mysql queries in my code, and then right click / execute them and it runs it on the live database and shows the results. you can even do variables in php like that
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    @elrae I use to think the same about osx for dev, now the only way I switch is to use pure Linux. OSX's similarity to Linux at terminal level alone is enough for me
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    @elraE JetBrains ides are just gorgeous 😍
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    Java apps are piss slow on Mac.
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