Firefox is getting better and better!
The improvements that came with 57 and Quantum were awesome! And now with 58 there are mayor performance improvements like Off-Main-Thread Painting and a new Javascript caching.
There are even some nice new features like the screenshot tool (in 58 available for the private mode, too!) that are really exciting.
I am looking forward that Firefox could maybe become again what it was back then! It's so cool!

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    I've been netscape user -> Internet Explorer -> Firefox -> Chrome -> FireFox
    I like what they are doing starting FF 57
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    I just hope their mobile version gets fixed it is really heavy on the phone :\
    But FF Focus is great
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    Shame there is a major big in the mobile version making page loading painfully slow. I'm not willing to switch on desktop and not mobile as I have everything synced
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    One reason I hate FF is their history tab.
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    Something strange happened today ... Firefox took 3GB if RAM at work on Mac 😓
    6 tabs in two windows :/
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