Might be good news, maybe not.

And.co was bought by Fiverr and the platform's software was made completely free.

I'm suspicious of Fiverr and every other freelancing platform out there, and am wondering what's the whole point of buying a SaaS and letting people get its services for 'nothing' in return.

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    Quote: Fiverr believes people do their best work when they can control their own destiny (for $5).

    p.s. text in parentheses belong to me.
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    I remember when google bought some company with expensive HQ software and set it out for free. I dunno, I don't get it either
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    Well idk about them But Google is a long term strategy company. They don't do things cause they are nice.

    Unless they have a Redhat attitude of releasing it for free but offering support on it.
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    I got started freelancing on there. The people that charge $5 will typically flake and refund. I used to charge between 25-50 for quick fixes and I'd usually hear from clients that I'm the 2nd or 3rd dev they've tried to do the work. I still got work at higher rates but then got busy with recurring clients directly.
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