When client requesting something, it has to be done ASAP.

But when i ask about the payment...

I must sign some documents declaring the job was done

The documents then must be sent to manager

The manager must create another document to be sent to finance division

The finance sent that thing to director to sign the damn document so finance can make a payment

Oh shit the first document before i start the project went missing, i have no idea why they need that

Some weeks has been passed till today

Cant find the document

Recreate the document

I must sign it back but they said no worries, we can advance to next step so i can get paid today

Manager creates a document

Manager sent that document into finance

Oh shit the financial division is having some seminar, its friday so it will be processed on monday


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    "Oh shit, I think I pulled the plug accidentally. Sorry, won't be able to restore things over the weekend, send me an email on Monday"

    I bet you'll see the money within the end of the day.
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    Oops, I accidentally changed all text on your site to "THE OWNER OF THE SITE DOESNT PAY DEVELOPERS".

    Whoops, I'll be back developing on Monday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    Good idea but I’m too affraid to do that 😰
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    I’ll wait till end of this month 😬
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    @falmesino okay
    Then dew it
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    Don't be afraid. It is your right to be paid on time for your work. If they're already late with their payment, do it now. Seriously
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    @falmesino if i were you, i wouldn't do the "this company doesn't..." thing. Just pull the plug, no public exposure
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    @Lahsen2016 perfectly clear 😅
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    I didn’t pull the plug, i just stay silent all the time (i was asking about the payment every morning).

    Today is their demo day, in front of branch leaders and executives.

    Days before that they ask me to do some changes for the demo but i refuse because i dont have a laptop to do the changes.

    You know what happens next 😂
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