Boss: "I looked at a testing suite. It is $2,500 a license and I'm buying 60 licenses. You should probably get familiar with it."
LeadDev: "Um, we already use NUnit, and it's free."
Boss: "Hmm...I'd better add Pluralsight training in the budget so you can learn about the new program."
LeadDev: "Oh, no...we need new laptops more than we need software."
Boss:"New laptops? Not my budget. When we buy this new software, everyone is going to use it"
LeadDev: "Everyone? How will you monitor it's usage?"
Boss: "I'll have networking send me captures of all the running tasks on the dev machines. The test suite better be running. Writing good tests will be our #1 priority."
LeadDev: "Um, we already write tests using NUnit."
Boss: "I don't understand what you are saying. I need something I can visualize. This UI testing suite is exactly what I need."
LeadDev: "Maybe the testing suite would be better suited for you and QA?"
Boss: "Submitted the budget. There will be a test server available for you to configure. This whole project costs over $100,000, so don't screw it up. Any questions?"
LeadDev: "Oh...well...what server ..."
Boss: "Dang...sorry, I'm taking off the rest of the afternoon. We'll talk about this more on Monday. Get started on those Pluralsight videos. I'll expect a full training and deployments by next week. Have a great weekend!"

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    What a waste of a 100,000$. He could have brought unlimited coffee for you guys instead.
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    This deserves a stress ball.
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    Just leave the new software open and change the name of NUnit!
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    Tell your boss he's and idiot.

    And then say if you want fancy charts and graphs, etc. Then pay me $1,000 and I'll build a dashboard that takes data from unit tests and makes it "visual."

    But of course he won't do that. Have fun converting to your new test environment ;)
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    Everyone upvote. He's gonna need a stress ball
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    You should leave. Based on your other rants the company doesn't deserve you.
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    Stress ball definitely
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    @papertrail not sure if you saw it, but I sent you an email about this rant, please check and let me know what you think if you don't mind :)
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    @dfox Now Im curious about this Email ☺
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    @NMerz we're trying to get @papertrail to come on as a guest on our first podcast.
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    @dfox A devRant podcast. Good news☺
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    The only stress ball you need is a wrecking ball to raze your boss's office to ground.
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    Go above the boss and get him fired
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