Let's try this.

In the project I'm working there is an strict rule : NO COMMENTS!!!

I mean wth, the times I've spend hours trying to understand the crappy legacy code in VB.Net that has been there almost decades, that wouldn't happen with comments, I know i know there are some supernatural developers that think in binary and their eyes work as compilers, but I'm not like that, so seriously go to hell.

P.S. Of course I follow that rule, after all, my code is so damn perfect that even a baby can understand it.


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    But "it's self explaining code"!

    I think devs than can not write usable comments that transfer knowledge better than code can are also most likely incapable of writing code that is good at explaining itself. They may burn in hell.
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    just create empty functions with a comment in their name and call them

    fun commentABC(){}


    val x=10*:owjznwkIhsbjzuumeoqqbxbI //<- this is pseudo code.
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    If it's VB.net code I doubt the authors were binary-eyed super hackers. ;)

    More likely someone made a Mess Salad that even they had trouble with, quit in frustration, leaving it to newer generations of Mess Chefs to toss and toss and toss. Each chef explaining all the while to the boss how very fancy and sophisticated the code is. The entrapped boss or bosses continue to throw new developers at it not realizing their Mess Salad is now an expensive money hole that would be cheaper and faster to just replace from scratch.

    "But we've put so much time and money into this VB.net solution! It's worth a LOT because we paid TONS to have it developed."

    ... or maybe they're super hackers. maaaaaybe... I doubt it tho
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