Anyone else gets peeved when you're insulted in a language your insulter thinks you don't speak?

I was at the indoor climbing gym, struggling halfway up a difficult route when a fat idiot attached to a 'Intro to Climbing' class howled to her friends "Look at that blind idiot, can't he see that big red piece beside his foot?" (I was climbing a green route) in Cantonese (a Chinese dialect).


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    Should've cursed at him in Cantonese. Or at least called him fat or something lol
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    You should have said "Go fuck yourself you fat fucking asshole" in Cantonese
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    yey ! a fellow climber ! :)
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    @Anookas I recently started, the adrenalin rush keeps me excited.
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    @Unipheas I don't live near China. The Cantonese dialect is widely spoken in the rest of Asia; there are 3 dialects spoken in my locale.
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    Happens rather frequently here with Spanish 😞

    Yo hablo español ¡pendejo!
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    When I was at best buy, we'd get tourists on buses frequently. My boss and I would try keeping up on our German during slow times.

    I was having a Murphy's Law Day and this particular couple was getting annoyed that getting a new phone lasted longer than 65 seconds.

    I was born with one hand, and people think it somehow makes me dumb (idk, apparently your intelligence is stored in your left arm).

    Anyways, middle on California, this couple starts talking about my arm and general crap about women not knowing tech (think: rich dude with trophy wife). In German.

    My boss and I continued to help them, playing dumb until the end. Vielen Dank, aber mein Gehirn ist nicht im Arm, und mein Geschlecht macht mir ein Dummkopf nicht. (many thanks, but my brain isn't in my arm, and my gender doesn't make me stupid)

    My grammar wasn't perfect, but they got the message. 😈
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    @QueenMorgana Kann ich sie helfen? 😒

    I had to tell off a racist couple in the subway in Austria. They were staring hard and making jokes about brown people wearing a thick jacket in autumn (I'm from a tropical climate).
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    @saintograph sadly, the puffy jacket stereotype has proven true in retail stores too often. To the point where I take mine off when I go into stores so I'm not watched.

    Had a dude try to hide a 43" tv (in its box) in one.

    Was going to ask why shit made people nervous on the subway, but then I realized... :/
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