Found a bug while search the newest week rants,

I can't scroll to the bottom properly.

It's hard to show in a screenshot but you can see that the scroll bar has gone to the bottom of the screen and it won't let me go anything further.

Sorry if someone already found this but just thought i'd post about it

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    You need to scroll up a bit and then down to let it load
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    on my end sometimes connection sucks so it takes time before it becomes scroll-able again, even without scrolling up a bit then back down
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    It didn't actually work, because I scroll up and down a couple times when testing.

    It stops midway between a rant which hasn't happened for me before and i've used devrant a lot. Loading the rant works like it normally does, if I go right up to the list and pull down to refresh the rants change but it's stuck on the same issue.


    I'm connected to gigabit fibre, and haven't had any issues today with my connection (connected through WiFi, the router is maybe 10 metres away from my room)

    Whoops totally forgot to add @dfox
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