I've been freelancing lately with an agency to develop an android app for their client and at the same time another person is developing the website .

The story begins when I first contacted the web dev to give me access to the database (because he started before me ).It turns out that this guy purchased an almost ready cms template with a shitty data structure that has no relations between object .This database has no primary keys , no foreign keys , no indexes ... no nothing . Adding to that the web dev refused that I rewrite a new data structure claiming that he has done a good progress on the website .
Forward couple of weeks , I managed to create the api and develop an alpha for the app and sent it to the agency manager .
This bastard told me that the website and design have changed and the app shouldn't be like that .He told me to contact the other bastard the web dev to seen what the changes are . I'm waiting for the response about the new updates and I'm praying that they'll be just minor colors updates or something not a whole concept update .

My problem here is I'm stuck with this fucking agency cuz they paid half of the payment when I started .

Damn I must learn to say no to people .

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    @ribchinski If I refused to work since the beginning I could've had a better ending maybe it's the web dev who's going getting to get fucked but at least for the good of the project.
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