Interview went well until i asked my questions about them.

"Are pet-projects a thing in your company"
... no.

"Can i attend programming gigs in a workweek, and are they paid by the company"
... no, no

"Any restrictions on the IDE"
... yes we only allow visual studio
"Wait, frontend web development in vs?"
... yes

"Do you develop in other languages then JavaScript"
... only Java

I calmly stood up, told them "I dont think that the company and I are a good fit. Thanks for your time."

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    Thumbs up for standing up and doing that. Takes gut!
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    Because java and JavaScript are the same thing anyway...

    And who's using Visual Studio to develop java?! This guy is clueless.
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    @NGPixel Indeed, he said hes a developer but i had my doubt about that from the beginning because he behaved and talked like a typical HR.
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    Lol I'm over here trying to land my first Dev job you're turning them down! You know your worth, good for you.
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    @rtannerf I'll remember this for next time I decline someone. "I'd rather just spend my time masturbating"
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    Are the pet projects and paid programming events common for companies to allow?
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    @ModernShoe just asked this myself too
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    I applaud you!
    On my interview at the current workplace 8 months ago I asked if they keep documentation on their systems up to date. The team leader said they don't have any but the senior said they manage all the documentation they have in OneNote.
    There is no documentation, people here rely on their memory (job security?)
    What am I doing here?!
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    @ModernShoe Pet projects are a thing in innovative companies, and paid events are there to gether knowhow and connections for the developer.

    At the time i was looking for a company that can fullfill those criteria and they even advertised themselfe with company intern "hackathons". This is why i asked those specific questions.

    But general the company you work for should allow you to attends such events in a work week. If they say no, even if you pay it youself, i consider them a no-no
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    You should have said "I'll let you know" and never call them back.
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    Nothing wrong with VS for front end development.
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    @CodeMasterAlex are you joking or what?
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    @dmonkey No. Personally I have used quite some IDEs but VS is my absolute favorite, also for front end development. It has more than excellent support for everything that is needed to do front end. I also love how good VS supports many different development paradigms and because of that it allows you to develop a huge variety of software in one and the same IDE.
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    @CodeMasterAlex Next time I get a windows machine i'll try that
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    @dmonkey You can try VS Code if you want, no need for Windows. Not as fully featured as VS Professional but also a very decent IDE.
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    @CodeMasterAlex VScode is a good editor but i still think that VS is not a viable tool for frontend web development. Neither plugins nor build in functionality bring any advantage over VScode. Even for C/C++ VS is only viable for native windows. Which is why i use VIM and seperat tooling for that.
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    @Hammster I know a lot of front end devs that won't agree with you but hey, just use the tools that you are comfortable with if it gets the job done.
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    I develop Java in VSC
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    @Cyanite Visual Studio != Visual Studio Code. They are 2 completely different IDEs.
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    I've never used VS so I wouldn't know.
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    Comments on brackets?
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    Usefull to read out a psd. Otherwise it lacks a big community and performance was bad compaired to atom and vscode when i tested it in 2016 but this could have changed
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