I’ve been contracted to build a website using Wix... I’ll refrain from ranting. They want simplicity after the fact that it’s already created... I’ll give them that.

My question is how much would you charge for this? I’ve tampered with it in the past but not “really” used Wix.

If some of you could give me some advice on pricing, I’d appreciate it. Hourly rates or a lump some preferably. I’ve got a meeting with them this evening to determine what they’d like to see and how many pages etc.

Thanks in advance.

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    Charge your usual rate surely? The underlying technology shouldn't affect the rate.

    If it's new to you or is an absolutely shit tech then add extra hours to your estimate to compensate?
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    And if you don't have a usual hourly rate: figure out what a reasonable full time salary is. Break that down to the hour.

    Double that amount, and hey presto! Contractor Hourly rate
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    Lol, Its like: I've hired a sous chef to order me a pizza
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    Dude,if it's mostly UI stuff charge them hourly rate.
    If you charge them project basis for Ul intensive works, they will continuously wants you to amend their website.
    Been there,done that. 2 weeks project extended to 1 month. Sucks.
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    1 bitcoin.
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    I would never charge one lump sum for a job. They'll ring you out and you won't be able to charge them for all the crap they're going to want you to redo.

    Them: We want X.
    Me: spends countless hours making X and gives it to them.
    Them: We changed our minds. What we really want something totally different.
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    @shivayl ever try to argue about the details of a contact with your employer/contactee? Let me know when you find a way that isn't sure to cause tension.
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    @antic ... Contract
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    Wtf people actually hire other people to do that!!?? My mother made a website on Wix and she doesn't even know what a web browser is
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    @chrisrhymes 1 BTC, up front... a month ago lol
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    20/hr, pawn the project off to a high schooler for minimum wage.
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    @strNameKyle become the middle man! I love it!
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