I saw an article about the best open source text editors today. I was expecting to see atom, vs code etc. Well no, the author says "sublime text. It's not exactly open source or even freeware software, but there are lots of open source plugins for it."

Well why in world would you title the article best open source editors?? Why not call it what it is: "my lovefest for sublime text and some plugins." You could post it on your stupid blog with 1 reader per month where I would never find it and waste my time on it.

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    Sublime is quite nice, but I don't see me paying 80 bucks for a Texteditor in the near future.

    I'm currently looking into Xi-editor from Google based on rust. But the frontends still s*ck. Other that that it might have potential
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    @fuckwit does sublime actually ever force you to pay?
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    @Neoxas no it doesn't force you. It just reminds you every 10 saves or so that you are running on a trial version. At home I don't really care what I do with sublime. But I definitely will not use this "free" scheme at work
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    @fuckwit I wonder if there is anyway to automate the closing of that message....
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    @irene Me trying to figure out where I said autism was stupid like:
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    @irene Autism == bad
    Click bait == autism == bad

    (THAT DOESN'T MEAN AUTISTIC PEOPLE ARE BAD OR ANYTHING. BUT THE DISEASE IS. It's no different than people saying cancer is bad. Nobody thinks they're calling cancer patients bad, just their disease.)

    I'll admit it was a poor word choice.
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    @jhh2450 @irene

    click bait == cancer
    is OK, in my opinion.

    click bait == AIDS

    click bait == autism
    Is not OK?
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    @Anaeijon I wasn't going to go there but....🤷
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