Where can i learn C or C++?
(And which it's better in your opinions?)

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    I would start with C and then later learn C++

    You will learn the basics of memory management and pointers.
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    probably you will want to use C++ once you want to get things done, but I think for learning to program C is definitely the language.
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    I learned C in my vocational training. Later C# at university and at work.
    Meanwhile I even have to deal with some C++ components from time to time. It's like the missing link if you know C and C# already.

    So depending on your experience with the C family and depending what level of skill you need I also would recommend to start with the C basics. With C basics you are ready for C++ basics as well.
    Then it's on you to decide which language fits to your projects the best. This of cause depends on the requirements.
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    If you have the choice, prefer C++. It has ton of usefull stuff, that C is cruelly missing. Just to name a few: constructor/destructor, RAII, template, classes, stl. C is simpler, and you are very close to the metal, which is only usefull on a few projects, like embeeded. Check Reddit cpp for usefull Links (right side of the page), and reddit cpp_questions. Good Luck :) ho and also, learn c++11 or higher. Kiss love.
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    Questions like these are asked on SL all the time. Ahh the memories.

    Learn C++ first since it's much more useful.

    You can learn it on Sololearn or Tutorialpoints.com there was also a YouTube video called C++ from beginner to advanced (or something like that)
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    private tutoring by me ;). c++ is probably more useful, but learning c first, made learning c++ so easy.
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    Yes actually you can just start out with C++, because the main principles are basically the same. What are your goals?

    Anyways actually, C++ will basically handle it. It is a little clumsy, but perfect for understanding what you are doing.

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