So my friend has two-step authentication for his smartphone.

Now he is not able to find his phone.

So, he tried to find his phone by logging into his google account via Android Device Manager.

Now, it is asking for the authentication pin which is in his phone.😂

He just got deadlocked.

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    2 step auth for smartphone? So after every pattern or pin unlock, he have to do another step as well?
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    My partner had that for her Google account, we tried contacting support and they just told us we'd need to give a verification code from her lost phone to verify it was her.... So we just made her a new account haha
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    Google can also send a code via SMS, at least if it was enabled. So get a new sim card with the same number.

    There are multiple backup options to choose from, so it's kinda customers fault if it was set up so that a lost phone would cause tears. One could even have multiple devices that can make them pass the second step.
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    For the google account.
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    Just print out physical backup keys.
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    There are multiple backup options that can be used, and recovery email is one of them
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    And this is why backup keys exist and why you always need a 5 dollar Ali Android phone that runs a backup of your 2fa coded
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    Use Authy - it will sync your (encrypted) 2FA info and they have a MacOS client, iOS & Android, possibly others - don't know 🚀
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    @vlad the problem with that is the moment your keys are online then chances of them getting compromised increases exponentially
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    Not if they are encrypted @LrdShaper - otherwise nothing is safe anyway 😎
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    if the phone has pushbullet installed and still connected to the internet, then that sms notification can be read in the pushbullet account. I know it's too late but this might be useful in the future 🤔
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    What the fuck happened to the recovery codes?
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