Had a good interview for sysadmin gig. I'm pretty weak with Linux. If I get the gig, my first task will be creating an openstack environment. Reading docs and watching videos like a madman, I feel like I'm a decade late to the party.

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    Setting OpenStack up shouldn't be the problem (using DevStack). Maintaining it will be much more painful.
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    @3141 every step of the process will be an "adventure" I know enough to be dangerous in Linux land, I expect by the end of this I might have a legitimate understanding of it all. I'm either going to learn or cry myself to sleep for a few months. I was planning on putting devstack dual booted on my surface pro 4, does that sound like a reasonable way to begin? Or should I toss a full openstack up on an iMac? The laptop has way better hardware, but I'm finding a lot of conflicting advice on which is better to work with first.
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