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    Eating ass
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    Finding the general derivatives of some functions :/
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    Pay my debts.
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    I should be....
    1) Looking for a better job.
    2) Testing whether or not admin gifts print in production, and therefore who is an idiot: the original developer, or the 'admin.'
    3) Rewriting authentication across three applications, while keeping customer-facing logins untouched. (not possible, but maybe I can fudge it?)
    4) Following up with Epson to see if they lost my email or just ignored it
    5) Following up with #{big-name enterprise client} to see if they gave up on bossman ceoface or are just taking forever.
    6) Writing a summary of last week for our fifth weekly meeting skipped in a row.
    7) Writing some queries to gather data (aka "ammo") for the sales people for our "company summit."
    8) Compiling a list of questions to ask the original developer, or at least a more extensive list than "1) The fuck, dude?"
    9) Working on a personal project because it sounds thousands of times more enjoyable.
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    Installing VPS's on my dedicated server.
    I'm actually doing that right now!

    No I really should go to bed 😭
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