Just replaced my dead battery on my Dell XPS 13 2013 with a brand new one. One whole month I was unable to unplug without a shutdown, not to mention that I couldn't boot it easy due to the dead battery... finally... justice.

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    Please please please don't leave it plugged in.
    Think of the poor battery!
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    @Root I have read quite differently...batteries don't overcharge. Charge controller stops charging as soon as 100%. On the other hand discharge cycles wear batteries.
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    @apollotonkosmo It's true, most batteries won't overcharge anymore. However, repeatedly discharging a tiny bit and then recharging is absolutely harmful. You should avoid this as much as possible.

    Why? It's wearing out a small portion of the battery over and over again instead of spreading it across its full capacity. If that part of the battery fails (which is exponentially likelier with the increased wear), its total capacity drops. Imagine writing to the first few blocks of an ssd repeatedly -- those cells would begin to fail much much sooner than if you used wear leveling and spread the writes across the rest of the drive.

    Batteries work a little differently, but the analogy is accurate enough.
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