I'm buying a new notebook, do you guys have any suggestions?
mostly regarding brands to avoid or to go to?
(only got around 3300BRL, so mac is not an option 😅)

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    If you'll see one, DON'T buy any of Samsung's notebooks. I hate mine with all my heart.
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    Go for a dell or a thinkpad
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    Avoid Lenovo. Horrid service. Go for Dell.
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    Dell for sure, know people with terrible stories from Lenovo and HP
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    hp: nevar nevar NEVAR!! used to have one..

    Go for Thinkpad or dell..
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    asus are cheap shit. keyboard keys fall off and the batteries die after a few months. fuck them.
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    @teganburns also a fantastic option!
    Of you don't plan on doing heavy programming a chromebook will be perfect
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    If you can find a surface laptop on sale, that 3:2 aspect ratio is real nice for looking at code
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    Again dude!
    Not hp. not for devs. Not for designers. Not for gamers.

    My one set on fire. Literally.
    A wire short inside the hinge.
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