So apparently my boss knows the "new senior dev", which I will call 'B'.

Program which I worked on for a year, my baby, is doing fine. Suddenly B decides to update it to "standardize it", against my suggestions/protests. Fastfoward to the following morning, I get to work and there's a bunch of emails from B waiting for me. I'm like "Well there's a meeting in an hour, so no point in answering all of these". 30 minutes go by and then boss shows up in my team's area. Asking for me.

(I didn't know this at the time, but apparently boss knows B. And thinks that B is this amazing programmer and super nice.)

According to boss, B has been trying to contact me all morning about my program failing.

It is at this moment that my mentor stands up to defend me. She basically tells our boss that B is a piece of shit. And I'm just loving it, ++ to mentor for bring awesome.

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    Nice going there! +1 for your mentor
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    Don't leave us standing what else happened?
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    Well boss had an "ok" moment, and B's image was shattered. We'll see how that progresses. I had a backup (obviously) of my year long project. But only overwrote it after I let the client know what had happened and how I could fix it.
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    Did his “standardization” make it fail?
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    Yup. I can't give details, but he fucked it up.
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    Looks like a standard issue of "senior dev"
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    was your project on git or something??
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    Well you can have private git server 🤨
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    @tinybyte, @PuzzlesDev, @vlatkozelka

    Sigh, it's obvious that I'm trying to avoid the answer. I'm not supposed to talk about work stuff here. That is why I use generic words like program, code, boss and client.

    It's just a story about my boss who wanted to chew me; An asshole who steals credit and makes me fix their mess; my epic mentor; and what happened.

    What do you want to know? That we have version control? That any developer worth their rubber ducks knows that B is full of it? That the client and boss, the two people that can do something about it, are doing jack? Sure

    But if you're getting the wrong idea, there is not much I can do about it.
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    You don't need to be specific, but there are a lot of points (even if generic) that seem to be missing. Did B's standardization fuck things over? Was B's emails incriminating/panicky? Why did your coworker know B's a dick?
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    Remember that Boss and Client are not developers. They are business people. And even though we have a team, for this client it's just B and I. B's position let's him present things directly, and throw me under the bus.

    Because of this, Boss and Client only see B in a positive light. Also, B has done this to the team in the past, so they know.

    The story above is the first step to getting management to recognize that B's actions are not ok.
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    I think that devrant curiosity Is making the poster uncomfortable / in a position where he does not want to be.

    Calm your tits guys.
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