Yay!! Kubernetes finally running time to learn the basics !!

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    That feeling when you see that everything is green 😍😍
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    @rising it is because I haven't yet did anything with it just accessed the dashboard XD

    Gonna spend the weekend learning how to work with it as I still have no clue how it works, for now checking their docs about the dashbaord, anything else you recommend?
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    Hmm I would say try creating a small api with standard jobs and cron jobs, also playing with restartOnFailure feature, I really like the fact that I can depend on kuberenetes to restart any failed job that failed because of a thrown exception during some process.
    Play also with parallel jobs, pretty interesting.
    And if you can, try getting a Google cloud platform trial, they have a pretty good integration of kuberenetes, you can see kuberenetes's dashboard from within the GCP, edit files, see job logs.
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    @rising Thanks I'll get ahead on that.
    One last question please, I setup nginx and made it require username/password before opening dashboard since it is an online server, anything else I need to do or is this enough to make sure the dashboard isn't accessible by anyone else?
    I'm running the dashboard using kubectl proxy, and using --accept-hosts (for now I'm using ^.*, but later on it will be only my IP/Domain)
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    @gitpush I think that's enough, for me, since our kubernetes is hosted on GCP, I use my work email to access it. But I guess Google is managing our access to it.
    There's nothing wrong with the ol' username and passwor, unless you share those of course 😆
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    @rising haha no no for sure I wont XD
    Though it is for personal use, in the end I will end up installing it locally on my VM I just used an online vps because they have 200Mbits connection while I have a 2Mbits one T_T

    If I ever reach a dead end is it ok if I ping you in this rant?
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    @gitpush haha sure, I'm no kubernetes expert but I'm glad if I can help somebody with my lil knowledge in it.
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