In some comments on a rant I saw @bahua wrote this:

>Red flags in the interview process are >the biggest risk signals I know, and I >take them very seriously. #1 red flag: >they want to know your >previous/current salary. If they won't >bend on that, then I end the >conversation.

Seems quite interesting, can anybody list more such "red flags" and maybe ellaborate a bit and give a few anecdotes?

(sorry, @bahua, if you dont wanna be quoted. just tell me if so)

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    That flag in particular is generally indicative of one or both of two things.

    1) a culture of, "because I said so" subservience. Good companies and good managers value the input and contribution of their employees-- and even their contractors. "Because I said so" is toxic, and encourages deception and fear.

    2) a high pressure recruiter. Remember, recruiting firms don't win awards for getting candidates big salaries. They're awarded for placing people for the lowest rate they can. They're sales people, and as such their objectives are not usually aligned with yours, as a candidate.
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    @bahua thanks dude :)
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