I am a programming teacher in Colombia and the week's topic is very useful for me, thanks to all for writing your ideas, but in the other hand I think that some points have not been understood, for example in my college we use in the beginning of the course notepad so that the students learn the sintaxis and good practices and they no dependent of a especific tool or Ide (an advantage of this practice is that the student learn to use command tools easily). We want that que student learn programming and not a language or software . This because in our experience the students learn to use a tool but not to resolve a problem and this is bad in a long term.

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    Great teacher! Except for the fact that Notepad == Windows (except if you use Wine to get it, but I don’t understand why you would) and that I think it is important to teach students open source, and linux is cheaper, easier, and way more manageable, but I guess you don’t have a choice. And also, better of with @-vim- gui.
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    @-vim- I use the name notepad for a generic text editor of course I recommend Linux, I use elementary in my laptop with sublime text, but my point is that the student start with a basic tool to understand the fundamental concepts and after he can choose the tool that like :)
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