"HTML5 Games!"
But I see that it still using the f*cking <canvas>... What change?
When I read "HTML5 Games" I thought that it would be interactions between html elements: When the <span id="bullet"> element touchs the <div id="npc"> then npc.health - bullet.damage
Idk, perhaps I must read more info...

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    ...can you do collision detection on elements like that? I've honestly never tried. Maybe with absolute positioning and element.getBoundingClientRect(). Fuck I wish I had more free time this sounds like some dumb fun
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    I think that I saw a jQuery event that runs when a element touch another...
    Perhaps I'm confusing with Lua programming of Starbound Game, or confusing with Scratch
    But now, looking for info I found this: http://jsfiddle.net/nGRwt/7/ This can help.
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