First time posting. But I need an advice, I want to learn a programming language to get a better job. I have just the basics of C#, should I keep going with C# or go with F#? I heard a lot of good thing about F#. Thanks. You guys are awesome!

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    Stick with C# but learn how to use design patterns and SOLID these will put you in a really position to move forward!
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    Where I live: C# definitely
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    thanks for calling us awesome. first change the os. os like linux can increase the learning rate. second decide which domain u wanna pick lile hardware embedded web mobile app etc. depending on that pick language
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    @rookiemaverick Where did op say anything about Linux? and since op is learning c# why would you assume that? (apologies if I missed something)
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    F# seems to be a very niche market right now. I would go with C# for the time being, and then branch out into something like T-SQL (there's a high likelihood you'll be dealing with SQL DBs for storing data, and having a good understanding of making efficient queries is extremely useful).
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    @g-m-f thanks for clarification. and my apologizes to the community.
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