I had to go help marketing with a website UI issue today:

Me: What version of IE are you using?
Her: Oh my god! Did you say virgin?
Me: No, "Version".
Her: Hahaha you guys I thought he asked what virgin am I using!
*room erupts into laughter*

WTF is this high school?

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    The real problem with this rant is why are they using IE?
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    Sound like my class.
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    wtf is this ... Good luck working with them :\
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    @matsaki95 No strange accent unfortunately. It was a louder environment with music and conversation, but I'm sure they could hear me just fine. "Version of IE" sounds nothing like "Virgin", and it just felt like a desperate joke - but they all seemed to love it. These people are idiots.
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    @matsaki95 Thats not entirely true, I have one almost deaf ear and a lot of times I hear something complety else.
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    Fml I hate hs, I'm taking running start (basically college in hs) just to get out of it. People are dumb.
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    @stov It's odd that all marketing people I've worked with had the same kind of humour as this.

    I can't express how happy I am that I'm not like that
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    This is the reason I left marketing.
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    Sounds like a good sitcom.
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    Stupid people
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    Damn ...
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    I dare to say she was messing with you. We have those 'types' here as well.
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