You are allowed to be dumb OR to be rude.
Never both.

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    How about just dumb, never rude.
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    @LucaScorpion i prefere rude over dumb.
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    @Wack for customers or yourself? 🤔
    I guess I fall into the rude compartment asking this..and playing dumb..I just hope it's still a play.. 😒
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    @scon he took that ambiguity out by saying never both
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    @sladuled for costumers :)
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    Btw, this is about my favorite customer. The others are way worse.
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    Plenty having both exists though
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    I'd prefer dumb over rude. Dumb people can improve over time. Although yeah, rude people improve over time too. Improve their rudeness. 😂
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    @sladuled yes (both ;))

    I can deal with someone being straight forward, disrespectful or rude. I like if I get challenged, but fuckers who just don't get it and still think they are the best... I attended a hackathon last week on blockchain and iot. In my team we had one guy who studies ecconomics. We had an introduction to the topic of blockchain and iot for two days... When we had to implement stuff at the hackathon... Well... Among other things we planed to deploy iot devices with sensors on them he insisted to use a blockchain on those small devices and not on the backend. We had the same discussion like 6 times (kind of once per hour). I was coding and about 50min in, he pulled me out of the zone to discuss his newest idea. After it happend 5 or 6 tines I called one of the mentors let that the economics guy explain his solution to the mentor and the mentor was like: "wtf, that doesn't make any sense". He still insisted on we should do it that way... I needed to call another mentor until he finally accepted, that it should be implemented the way I proposed like 6h ago.
    Oh did I mention, that he claimed all the credit for "his" brilliant idea, how we ended up implementing shit?

    Jup. Give me rude, I can handle that, but a incompetent, dumb idiot that doesn't know shit and thinks he's the best? Fuck that!
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