I don't know why my position has to be labeled "developer", when in reality I ain't develop shit, all I do day after day is fixing legacy code

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    I know this too well
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    We have a senior backend dev who constantly changes his nameplate on his desk to "Backend Mechanic" and HR keeps taking it and changing it back when he leaves for the weekend. It's become their inside passive aggressive joke.

    We maintain 10-year-old .NET legacy apps and rarely make anything new, he also doesn't like Developer as some days he says he feels more like a mechanic tinkering away on an old Junker..
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    @Vip3rDev sounds like my job.. xD I don't have a name plate though.. :(
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    Lol 😂😂
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    In exact same situation, today I fixed a piece of code which is older than me (btw I was born in 1990...). Though I must say it was fun to add header comment with new version(002) and date after all those years.
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    now think about getting a software engineering degree to do that ಠ_ಠ
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    This is what it was like at a previous role. It completely destroyed my mental health as every day was literally a cortisol filled race against the clock to fix the latest fucking catastrophe.
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