Teacher: "Whats that key thingy?"
Class: "You mean the keyboard?"
Teacher: "Yes, that one!"

I shit you not, she was my IT educator for a year.
Send help.

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    Ripley's Believe It or Not!
    English was her first language and she was a math teacher subbing for IT for a year. It was one of those, read only from a powerpoint years. As I said, I shit you not mate.

    Maybe I didn't carry the idea properly, she knows what it was (one finger typing but thats besides the point), I was being taught by someone who couldn't name a keyboard.
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    @AlexDeLarge I think the point is that she just couldn't name it even though she somehow knew how to use it. So, it is not a "teacher who doesn't know what a keyboard is"
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    I had to show my A-level computer science teacher where the windows key was a couple weeks back...

    Sure gives me confidence!
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    @ItsChris33 Ah a fellow igcse student!
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    Minor anomia. I occasionally forget common words like "cucumber" such. The brain is a funny thing.
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