I think Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Robert Martin should be a must to read.
In school no teacher puts emphasis on code quality.
They should learn how to name variables and functions the right way at an early stage in order to better perfect their craft :)

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    Being a self taught developer myself i didnt have the bennefit of learning some of those things as when i was teaching myself it never crossed my mind.

    Now though im gonna have a look at that book because i do find myself often struggling to have a uniform naming structure in my code. Thanks for the title!
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    @wvitguy the book is very opinionated. A very good read to be sure but don't read it as a definitive guide. Think about the general principles it discusses and do what makes sense to you
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    @wvitguy Also when you're finished with the book you might want to take a look at Clean Coder and Clean Architecture (same author). All three are great books from my opinion.
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