Home grown coders or college grad coders?

For those of you that taught yourself too code, or those who studied in schools, which style has prepared you the most for the real world?

I've met so many self taught coders who can program circles around some of my colleagues, but does a computer science/programming degree ensure you success over those who may know more?

Thought it would be an interesting discussion for you lot, personally I'm a mix of both but primarily a undergrad coder.

Keep it clean :)

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    home grown but I'm an elec eng so I was exposed to PLCs and that side of programming although its very different from what I do now.
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    Homegrown, two of the best skills are honed this way.

    1 Actually learning how to interpret results
    2 Autodidactic skills
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    I prepared myself for Uni since i felt that unless I was going into some ivy league shit i would not get real life experienxlce. I was right, but college definitely helped with filling in with theory, lots of theory.

    Do a mix of both as much as you can bud.
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    @AleCx04 lol theory. I was far more interested in power systems before I went to school. now I'm triggered when someone tries to explain apparent power
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    @spoiledgoods I do not ge the lol at theory or what you mean by power systems.
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    @AleCx04 it doesn't seem like you think things through very often but yeah, not gonna explain what "power systems" is in a devRant comment.
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    @spoiledgoods no clue what you are on about :D but the weird personal attack has no place in it really since I wasn't even being a dick to you to begin with.
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    @AleCx04 just an observation lol settle
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