On a project that will crash and burn due to a badly projected date given to the business. I'm team lead and the Developement manager. I'm not sure how to save my career from this one. 22 years at this company and this may end my employment.

Can't change the date because the business has had it with deployment failures. Not enough time to do any of the technical debt and I'm not sure one if the issues has a solution.

Time to create a resume I guess. Been a really long time.

Let me know if you want a developer in Des Moines!

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    If you can't change the date then ask the business to decide what they want instead.

    Less backlog items delivered.
    Less quality/performance.
    Skeleton application (all features delivered in most basic form).

    Something needs to be sacrificed and make it their decision.
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    Scope increases every time we talk to them. Quality has recently been bad so they won't adjust that knob. 3 weeks until the due date so adding people won't work. Naw... This one is doomed and it is a core competency program for the business. I'm just going to refuse to put it I production and see what happens.
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