!rant I need a TL:DR for custom ROMS, I already know what they are, what they do, I need to know how useful they are and where I can start!


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    You might be able to run a newer version of Android than the manufacturer supported.

    Security updates etc.

    That's all I can think of, sorry.
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    Disadvantages : say good bye to your warranty, you may break your device permanently if you're not careful. Tweaking risks

    Advantages : You can get newer Android OS before your phone vender will provide.
    - You'll get to use apps that requires root privileges.
    - You'll have better command over your device.
    - You can remove pre-installed apps.
    - ad blocking for apps
    - tweaking your Android operating system
    - better battery life and speed
    - CPU clocking ( enable you to increase and/or decrease the CPU or processor speed )

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    @Aitkotw my phone is 3 years old, no warranty whatsoever and all those sound good to me. Where do I start?
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    @securiter everything that you need to know is here. Good luck 👍

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    @securiter go to XDA developers search ROM for your phone and follow the instructions. Also don't be afraid, for 90% cases nothing bad will happen
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    1. there are 2 types of custom ROMs
    a. edited stock resources
    b. custom ROM with custom kernel

    2. there are advantages and disadvantages
    a. you lose warranty (d)
    b. ril functions might not work (d)
    c. camera features might not work (d)
    d. you get more features in framework (a)
    e. you might get new notif. LED colors (a)
    f. you could change how buttons work (a)
    g. kernel and processor tweaks (a)
    h. no (or less) bloatwares (a)

    3. battery gets weaker with every ROM with bugs
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    You can always go back to your factory ROM for warranty issues.

    If it's a hardware issue I really don't think they care too much about what ROM you are running.

    I could be wrong, of course. @Aitkotw
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