Full stack developer?! Which one is hard front end or back end? I'm talking about MEAN other than mongodb!

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    @J-2FA now I'm started using sass for mobile responsiveness that's why raised the question
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    When it comes to real world, both are equally hard...
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    I used to do Full Stack back in the days when jQuery was just starting. Then Fronted I found harder, because I had to deal with browser compatibility issues. Traversing DOM in pure JS with all those quirks between vendors was one of the pains.

    Now if you stick to one framework/library then I think it should be easier, tho I only glanced at some tutorials/examples.

    In the end I would say that it depends on your project. If UI is secondary and performance is crucial then you will have to do magic with backend. I feel tho that a lot of projects are done by people (and possibly for people) who don't care about performance much, so just some basic backend stuff is done and database is left for ORM to figure out.
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    @Bluecoolant Firebase is real!
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