"1 star for now. Will give 5 stars if it can make me coffee, bring me breakfast in bed and drive me to work."

It's a digital assistant not a literal butler you troll!

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    I once found a review, where somebody gave 1 star and said the flashlight app wasn't working on his phone.

    His phone model doesn't even have a flashlight 😫
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    @M-Arcus always program for the dumbest user. If the phone doesn't have a flashlight give him a warning on the app or even make sure phone is handled as incompatible on app store, so he can't download in the first place.
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    @Dollique Yes, the dev probably should have marked it as incompatible.

    But the play store works in weird ways. I got locked out of an app once that i was using at that time. Tried reinstalling and - nope - my device is not compatible. Fixed it with a direct APK download
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    @M-Arcus I get that with the official Netflix app. Apparently it thinks my Nexus 6P is incompatible because I'm running LineageOS. The APK installs just fine though.
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    Beeeeen there. "This dude fixed this problem that has been plaguing me for six weeks in under 10 minutes. Though, I don't like his company, so one star."

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