My biggest challenge has been moving away from an unmaintainable Java/Tomcat/Spring Security application server to a Node.js/Express application server. That handles single sign on and two factor authentication. In 2 weeks.

I'm a front end dev. I'm sure it's fine 😓

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    "Which [single] feature to you want completed in 2 weeks?
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    Why the fuck would you move from java back-end to js?
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    @sSam Node fills me with such a fiery hatred. JS is evil enough without it running on the server is some god awful callback mess.
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    @gitpurge Because no one on our internal team knows Java, and everybody knows Node. And it's not our entire backend. It just hosts the SPA, handles authentication through SAML, and proxies web service calls. Our actual backend (web services, database) is all Java/Oracle
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    @Brolls I'm using async/await and promises. Callbacks are nowhere near as common as they once were in Node
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    @TheHanna that’s good, but it’s still a fudge over nasty nasty JS. Not to mention it making lofty promises around “non-blocking” that simply aren’t true. But I get the value of the product of introducing people to backend dev.
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