Client: We need this site up and running by the end of the month.

Me: Ok we need them to send creative over. Please provide it in Photoshop format.

.... A few days before due date.

Client: We have sent you all the creative. Please see email attachment.

...... Opens attachment. Creative was created in PowerPoint.


*starts twitching*

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    Welcome to devrant
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    @thevariableman why thank you. I am a little to happy to have this platform­čśČ
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    Always make statements and requests via official emails. Email with "Please send me creative in Photoshop format as we agreed in our meeting/conversation" would be enough reason to turn down that PowePoint crap and delay deployment.
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    Reply back with:

    "I like your sense of humour. That made me laugh for a whole ten minutes. Now if you could send over the real design I'll get started"
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    @Ndwaya it's an awesome place full of really cool people so enjoy your stay
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