So, I was googling for cross platform javascript things.. every answer, there's only weex and nativescript, but both aren't ready for prod, so I tried weex, it's alright but the documentation is non existant, and the support is practically on dial up, and hardly anyone has used it. And nativescript isn't really an option cause it's only for mobile.

So I chose weex, web + mobile, and I can easily port my already written vue project, sweet, so I get to porting, run into a few issues but it's pretty easy, need to play with some of the root file path definitions, no "./"'s just "@/" (if you use @ as your root symbol).

great. Pug works, sass... seems to work, then I run into a pretty big issue with sass compilation/loading, can't find an answer for an hour.

So I go out. Then come home, no answer on my SO question.

So I google "jsfiddle weex" to get a jsfiddle template for debugging weex/vue projects.

A few results down. I see this: https://reddit.com/r/javascript/...

well I've heard of framework7, but it would require me rewriting most of my element tags and components, but what's quasar?

I have a look, totally cross platform, desktop, web, mobile... wtf..

read the docs, "uses vue single file components"

..what, holy fuck, the documentation is beautiful, it uses vuex, fucking fuck.

I just found it 10 minutes ago....

wish me luck.........

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