I'm not getting why you guys complain about being judged for "hacking" while using the terminal.

In my case I'd occasionally like to open a terminal in my lubuntu (or archlinux in my previous times where the laptop was running smooth and i had to learn everything about how an OS works and spending most of the time searching about errors to find more desperate people and no answers but the community's hopefully growing and it's the best distro if you're an experienced linux user but not in my case so i had to use lubuntu for now until mastering it) to trigger those around me and try to prove them wrong afterwards.

I'll hit the airport for fun when i have time.

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    @Alice indeed i agree

    So far it was around college students so hopefully they were logically understanding.
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    @Alice woah that was satisfactory!

    I suppose it's because i didn't get myself into some serious troubles as of yet that it's interesting for me 😅

    Thanks for the advice, i guess I'll remove "going to the airport" from my list 😂
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    Most complain due to the perceived ignorance. Me personally I don't mind to be asked what am I doing. I get to explain something new to people and engage in conversations. I believe that ignorance is only annoying when the people being lectured refuse to understand which has never happened to me in regards to the terminal conundrum.
    "that looks like some hacker stuff from tv! what are you doing?!?!"
    "oh it certainly looks like it, but it is far from actual penetration testing or hacking. This is what most programmers would call managing a programming environment, for websites or desktop apps :)"
    "oh that looks cool man thanks! so what do you in particular use it for"

    And the conv continues. Most of the kids that rant about it in a completely negative way may have some grounds for anger like classmates continuously asking them to hack fb and whatnot but it overall seems relativetly harmless to me.
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