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    Just wow
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    Why would they reject it?
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    I like the footer:
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    @bcye I submitted my app and was denied because it 'broke Apple style standards'. No support would give me clearer details. I shrugged and continued working on the Android version, and rolled out another Apple version (with minor updates, nothing graphical) and suddenly... Apple approved.

    No idea why.
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    @rockyk My first app was directly accepted, want quite complex tho.
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    Better if it would remember the location.
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    you missed the contact part.. hah
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    Fits my needs perfectly
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    So i just scrolled for about 10 minutes, just so i could add this, so you better fucking appreciate it okay.
    I like his portfolio xD
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    the second best weather app ive ever had (also the second weather app)
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    "*none of these companies have used this app"
    Best app ever
    Best dev ever
    A W E S O M E
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    Lol nice
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    I love apps like this.
    There is a site, mmmm....
    I don't remember it's name.
    But it's something like: "Find me something to fucking eat!!!".
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    @adiStrasser wtfsigte.com
    As in, Where The Fuck Should I Go To Eat
    Theres also wtfsigtd.com which is for drinks
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    @rasm945i yeah
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    God damn apple
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    @rasm945i you mean this?
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    @Charmesal if thats his portfolio, visit it on pc
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    They will only reject it if it has security issues and/or it’s REALLY shit and/or it’s a blatant rip off of another app.

    Which, is why the quality of the apps on the App Store is far superior to the quality of apps on the play store.

    It’s a good thing.

    If your app isn’t any of the above then it won’t get rejected.
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    @nik123 I don’t even know what a meme app is, but I’m betting it falls under the “REALLY shit” category.
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    Oh I'm downloading that
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    Apparently he decided to put it on the App Store eventually
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    "best developer ever" 🙄
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    I’ve never had a problem submitting stuff to the Apple App Store, Google Play and Windows Store have given me way more hassle than Apple.

    Here’s my ranking from best experience to worst:
    1. Apple
    2. Google Play
    3. Windows Store
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    Installed this MF. 👌
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    Installed it, fucking worth it xD
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    Probably one of the best apps I've ever installed
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    well, he created an iOS app on the app store now
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    @bcye They'll find a reason, I guarantee it
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    https://bignox.org download on pc to use Android apps and games on Windows or Mac
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    Who will pay $99 per year.
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    Take THAT, Apple.
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