BETA USER: Is this feature working? When I add a link I get an error that says "URL cannot be more than 255 characters."

ME (biting my tongue): Hi ****, Yes it works. The link you're trying to add is too long. Please try a shorter URL.

BETA USER: Oh, it should tell you that!


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    Something about error messages makes people think it’s in some language other than English. It’s like the psychic paper in Doctor Who, except with the opposite effect.
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    Why is there a limit of only 255 characters?
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    You can still use this feedback, make "Please try a shorter URL" the primary error message, with a secondary message informing users of the character limit.
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    @cjbatz Exactly. For typical users you need to provide descriptive error messages and also some instructions too.
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    as far as I know. as of this time, the maximum length of 2,083 characters . or keep it 2000 (google says so)
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    Users ... 😪🤦‍♂️
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    are you using varchar? use text instead. URLs are mostly up to 2000 characters
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    @aquacash5 We're using SharePoint and it's the default setup (which based on user feedback we might change now)
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    @cjbatz that's a nice idea! We're using SharePoint so we're trying to be smart about what we choose to customize so we don't set ourselves up for issues later.
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    @jodee929 you are using SharePoint... I'm so sorry
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    The wording for a simple user may not seem the most accurate. Moreover, there are also difficulties with the reduction of the url. If I were you, I would even add a small instruction on how to do this. By the way here https://jeebolah.medium.com/shorby-... is a great review on the tool for this
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