Not actually a rant, but need some place to vent it out.

The company where I work develops embedded devices enabling the automobiles to connect to the internet and provide various end user infotainment services. My job mostly relates to how and when we update the devices.

There are about 100 different
variants of the same device, each one different from the other in a way that the process required to update for each of these device variants is significantly Different. Doing this manually would be and actually was a nightmare for almost everyone, so I set out on writing a tool that addresses this issue.

I designed my solution mostly in Python, allowing me for quick prototyping. First of all, I'd never written a single line of python code in my life. So I learn python, in matter of 2 nights. I took days off from work so I could work on this problem I had in my head. And in about 4 days, I was up with a solution that worked, reliably. I prepared a complete framework, completely extendable, in order to have room for 101th variant that might come in at any time. And then to make it easier and a no Brainer for everyone, the software is able to automatically download nightly builds and update the test devices with nothing more than a double click.

But apparently this wasn't enough. Today I found out that someone worked on a different solution in the background just a week ago, while reusing most part of my code. And now they start advertising their solution over mine, telling everyone how crappy my code is. Seriously, for fucks sake, my code has been running without issues since more than a year now. To make it worse, my manager seems to take sides with the other guy. I mean I don't even have someone to explain the situation to.

I really feel betrayed and backstabbed today. I worked my days, my nights, my vacations on this code. I put blood, sweat and tears into this. I push my self over my limits, and when that was not enough, I pushed my self even harder. But it all seems in vain today. All the hours that I spent, just to make it easier for everyone... All a complete waste. When you write code with such passion, your code is like your family... You want to protect it... But with all this office politics and shit, I seem to be losing my grip.

I've been contemplating the entire night, where I might have gone wrong, what could I've done to deserve this...but to no avail. I'm having troubles sleeping, and I'm not sure what I should do next.

Despair, sheer bloody Despair!

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    Let it go. Projects are meant to be taken over by other maintainers, as you will not be working there your whole career.

    Work on the next project, better security for those crap devices. Do a good job on that.
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    If they reuse your idea/code and improve it, it's an honour. It means that your work was so significant that they want to base theirs on it. However, they should show respect to your work.

    Take a look at how they improved your solution to see if you can learn something.
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    Do you rly think 6 days is that of a big investment? Cmon! Relax!
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    @DataJockey 6 days were just for the bring up... I've collectively spent several months working on it actually
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    @teganburns the code is checked into the the company repository. Anyone with access rights could've got hold of the code... But that isn't really what bothers me... It's the fact that they went behind my back, reused my code and now use it to make me look bad in front of everyone... They could've just told me... But I don't understand this caustic behavior on their part
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    @electrineer I understand tha. Thanks for your kind words....

    But This is what I probably intend to do now ... Improve my framework in the background... The respect part though might never come
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    @magicMirror yeah... Taking over might have been better... Scraping a perfectly stable system and rewriting it from scratch, just to make me feel bad is downright shameless blasphemy
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    @scorpgoku it is office politics. does not matter who did what, it mattar who the boss think did the job. affects bonuses, raises, and promotions.
    In case of same level with you who does that, you can retribute by not helping him, amd let him fail. just make sure he takes the blame. if the boss does it, leave for another job.
    Humans - hard to program....
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