I decided to go back to freelancing.

But there's a lot more devs than before, and I almost forgot how difficult it was to attract clients.

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot about their shitty attitudes. I don't think a nice client even exists.

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    hi thanks for the boost :)
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    Do your own projects
    Apps with ads
    Web pages with ads...
    May not give much, but the more projects, the more money
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    until i learn to do stuff on my own i can be your one nice client
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    You're young. Try first the office world. Get some experience, then after you have learned some strategies (like agile and marketing), build your own startup. It may feel boring but it's just a phase. Yeah I know how you feel a lot of clients like to get things done for peanuts, that's where negotiation tactics come in, try learning those first :)
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    For the record, this isn't my first time freelancing. :)
    Just making that clear because it looks like everyone misunderstood me.
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    @RodrigoF once I get some money to cushion myself for a while this is the route I intend to go. Diversification of revenue streams is rule #1 of any business, it should be no different for freelancers.

    Also hoping to do things like my own udemy / pluralsight courses once I get over the imposter syndrome hurdle...
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